Rentals - Apartment - No Mooring

Rentals - Apartment - No Mooring

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Port Grimaud is an idyllic destination to enjoy your holidays and we clearly understand your enthusiasm.

On one side, there is preserved nature: the Massif des Maures is a source of delight for hikers and the depths of the Var for the divers, the architecture is controlled, integrated into its environment (which is quite the opposite of some concrete coastal cities) and Port Grimaud has obtained the « pavillon bleu » (blue flag), a testament to its commitment to pursuing a sustainable tourist development policy.

But the French Riviera's postcard can also be experienced in Port Grimaud: the endless blue sea, a record level of sunshine, the charming Provençal villages and the proximity of Saint-Tropez, a village visited by celebrities and those who would like to see them seated at a restaurant table or on their yacht.

Port Grimaud is the combination of luxury and nature, authenticity and sunny holidays.

Many of you wish to enjoy this enchanting setting. And for that, renting an apartment in Port Grimaud is a wonderful idea if you are coming as a couple or with your loved ones.

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Rent an apartment for the holidays for 2, 3 or 4 people

Our agency has numerous holiday accommodations ranging from 25 to 35 square meters. As a result, our rooms are quite different from the tiny Parisian rooms and if you are coming as a couple, you will have plenty of space to stay and enjoy everything that our beautiful region has to offer. And let's be realistic: you will certainly spend most of your time outdoors, enjoying our beaches, restaurants, villages and hiking trails.

In this case, the size of your accommodation is of little importance and what you have saved on the rental of your apartment can be spent on a variety of other activities.

A week's rental will cost you less than €1000. The price per night will therefore be lower than that of hotels for an apartment which is 3 to 4 times larger on average, including a kitchen and sometimes even a private outdoor space.


Owners: put your apartment up for rent

If you own an apartment in Port Grimaud, it is like having gold in your hands. Because not only will you spend a wonderful holiday with your partner and your children, but you can also put it up for rent.

If this is the case, you will have an excellent rental return. As a general rule, the peak season runs from early April to mid-October, which represents an average of 30 weeks during which you can rent your property and earn rental income.

Moreover, by entrusting us with the rental management, you will not have to worry about anything. We select the tenants, manage their entry and exit, answer all the questions and requests they may have and we collect the rents and send you the majority of it (you can contact us to find out about the agency`s rates).


An alternative to renting through private individuals

Even though renting through individuals has exploded over the few years, we have seen more and more people being disappointed by the system and, as a result, walking into our agency. Between last minute cancellations and third party absences to arbitrate conflicts, some of you prefer using professionals and happily confirm that our rates aren't higher than when you rent through a private individual.

At the same rate, why not benefit from the advice and assurance provided by the real estate professionals !

Holiday rental has been our speciality for 20 years and we have served hundreds of completely satisfied clients… who have also become loyal as we see many of you year after year.

Once again, Mathilde and Latifa will ensure that your holidays go off without a hitch : with accommodation that conforms to the description, handover of keys and signature of a contract that protects you as well as the owners. We do the utmost to ensure everyone’s peace of mind.

Boutemy Real Agency will help you rent our your holiday apartment

Marion, the director of the agency and Mathilde, the rental manager are two reliable, professional young women who know the town of Port Grimaud and its surroundings perfectly.

Therefore, they’ll be able to advise you, whether it is to rent your property or to help you choose the one that best suits your needs for a holiday in the lakeside city.

Owners, your property is a setting that will allow you to spend a delicious holiday in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez during stays at your convenience, and to enjoy additional income generated by the rental of your property during your absence.

We guarantee you a maximum visibility of your property on quality communication media:

  • Our website is extremely well referenced, multilingual and pleasant to navigate
  • Our quarterly magazine, the Boutemy Mag, distributed in the town’s streets
  • Our blog, a reference for several years in Port Grimaud’s life

In addition, as we always strive to make the stay of visitors as pleasant as possible, we benefit from a high rate of return from one year to the next.

Holiday makers, whether you are staying in Port Grimaud for the first time or you know the village inside out, we’ll be very happy to assist you in choosing your rental.

If you don’t have a boat to moor, you can enjoy rentals at the best price: they start at less than 500 euros per week for an apartment in low season.

You can still enjoy Port Grimaud to the fullest by taking water coaches, electric boats that provide public transport in Port Grimaud along the city's canals. Sliding along the canals is certainly the most pleasant way to discover our town. You can even rent your own electric boat for a cruise with family or friends.

During high season, green boats regularly serve Saint-Tropez and Sainte-Maxime, two other gems in the Gulf.

Feel free to contact us for any advice on the best location for you. We’ll also be happy to share with you our best addresses in Port Grimaud.