Holidays in Grimaud

Grimaud is the one place where you can get the ideal vacation, wake up in an environment of enchanted landscapes, mingling with spicy scents and reeks of the past, while taking enjoying and taking advantage to explore the most charming medieval village. A little too good to be true, you will think, yet some areas have so many beautiful sights and amazing scenes that we do not have enough time in one life to visit them all.

A holiday in a medieval Provincial village

Grimaud is part of a group of small privileged areas which are like paradise, where spending time in, is equal to bathing in a galaxy of delights in any good conscience, a dip in the well-being and the rest... but without neglecting that there are many activities to engage in, it gives the feeling of having fallen from the clouds straight from the blessed city of the gods. A place where there is a mix of relaxation and freedom, quiet and discovery, pleasure and entertainment.

This medieval city will bring you both happiness and will enchant you to stay, so much so you'll have to discover activities and hobbies which will "exhaust but thrill" you if you try to experience them all. Both in terms of festivals as regards conferences, guided tours of the castle and the literary escapes, without forgetting the evening concerts or cabarets... which only a detailed program will be able to enumerate you properly.

Things to do in Grimaud

Coming to the Musical Evenings of Grimaud, who, during the summer time, give way to the Grimaldines. Both fans in the city and those of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, without forgetting the visitors, everyone can discover through these recitals a plot of land of the village's rustic heritage. The acoustics take place in very symbolic areas such as the Church of Saint-Michel , the Chapel of Notre-Dame de la Queste and the chapel of the Pénitents, whose doors are open wide by Abbot Peter Watts during these concerts.

The Soirées Musicales de Grimaud transform into a festival during the summer. They feature a variety of outdoor concerts. These evenings are often organized in picturesque locations of the city (including in the Castle) offering spectators a unique musical experience in a beautiful setting. The musical genres offered during these evenings can vary, ranging from classical music to jazz and world music.Here is an overview of the program of the summer of 2022.

Drawn in by the tempting scent, you won't want to miss visiting the weekly market of Port Grimaud during the day. There, you'll find all the Provencal products in terms of fruits and vegetables, but also the regional products highly prized by any self-respecting gourmet. In addition to awakening all your senses and taste buds, your sense of smell will be delighted by the scent of the fish stalls and other seafood products.

But whatever your expectations regarding accommodation, there are plenty of hosts who will go out of their way to ensure you have a comfortable stay, even though it's clear that choosing to stay at Port Grimaud offers many opportunities. Whether it's a house, villa, or simple studio, the main thing is to find a place to relax and let yourself be guided.

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