Buy of Sell your Property in Port Grimaud

If you’ve ever stayed in Port Grimaud, you’ve certainly realized that becoming an owner yourself of a beautiful property in this lakeside city is a unique and rare investing opportunity as it is such a coveted area.

Not only do you have a variety of choices from the listed properties, but you have a lot of possibilities as regards choice, quality, and uniqueness of all kinds. This is a heavenly place with an undeniable tourist attraction.


Port Grimaud is not only known as the “Venise Provençale”, but it is a charming and ideal city who’s received XXth century heritage status (a French label). It is also an organized complex where any professional can practice in any field they desire.

Housed at the bottom of the gulf of Saint-Tropez, it geographical location is a major asset to its inhabitants, thanks to its quick access to other areas and its countless number of tourist destinations nearby. It is also an unrivaled architectural ensemble, a universe on its own protected by its privileged lifestyle.

Port Grimaud possesses the peculiarity to be organized into private condominiums, which are solely responsible for its maintenance and preservation. Despite being a private space, the heart of the city opens up to visitors, who are always welcome to come to discover the city for themselves, but they would have to come on foot to maintain the peace and tranquility in the city at all times. These regulations have been out in place to maintain the unique quality of life in our community.

Our agency, which has been operating for almost two decades in Port Grimaud has a wide panel of properties to offer for rent or for sale, on one hand, les balandrines, hunières, ostales, suburban houses, borderives, portals and fishermen’s houses (read this article for more information on these local houses) and on the other hand apartments of all shapes, sizes, and styles.


The lovely color palette of South of France houses

Buy a house or apartment in Pot Grimaud

Generally, smaller-sized apartments are as much in demand as houses because, like the latter, they often have a major asset, their own mooring. In your own apartment, you get a similar feeling of luxury and security similar security. This being said the smaller sized apartments have an advantage of being more affordable.

To give you an idea of what we offer, our homes are sold at about a million Euros, while you can get a beautiful and sophisticated apartment with 2 to 3 bedrooms at prices which range from 400,000 to 500,000 Euros. “Les Clés du Midi" publishes each year in June the rates of real estate property in Port Grimaud on its website.

Whatever your choice, depending on your budget or on how you want to use your property, you will definitely find happiness in Port Grimaud. Our properties come in various sizes and layouts to please all types of future owners. If you are an investor and you plan on buying an renting out, you are assured of a good return on investment.


Buying a property in Port Grimaud allows you to spend wonderful vacation on the French Riviera while making a good financial investment

Sell a house or apartment in Port Grimaud

Just as you were motivated by numerous reasons for the purchase of your property, selling it will hardly be a problem as this region is very appreciated. No need to revisit the reasons that may have guided you to your choice since they are likely the same which would seduce any future buyer looking for real estate property in Port Grimaud. Your preferences or needs can change with time, the city will remain well entrenched in its achievements and the many benefits it offers.

Whatever the nature of your real estate project, the agency Boutemy Immobilier is here to respond to all of your inquiries, help you find what you are looking for and sell your property. Our agency, member of the FNAIM (real estate label that ensures quality of service) is at your service. Our email is or you can contact us by phone at 04 94 56 56 58 Monday through Saturday.

In the meantime, we invite you to check out our real estate portfolio.